About me

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I was born in Almelo at the beginning of 1967.

As a child I was living at several places; our family was moving around a lot. I have an older brother and a younger sister. In the mid 70’s we moved to the region of Leiden in the Netherlands, where I’m currenlty still residing.

My background is paramedical, I studied physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Then, a tat late some would say, I started to play with technical stuff, computers and networks. Evolving projects like Wireless Leiden, Open Community Camp and most lately, MakerSpace Leiden.

From a retrospective, I’ve alway been involved with tech and people; getting things organized and realized.

The last 20 years I’m spending of lot of time exploring other sides of humanity, or more exact exploring the inside world.

Sometimes I also organise small events around meditation and Self-exploration.